Beyond the Obvious

Acrylic on Canvas, 76*62 cms

Things, when seen through abstraction look different because abstraction does not seek a literal meaning in things. Everything in life does not have an apparent, well defined meaning, though everything has a purpose; which may or may not be evident at that moment. It is the ambiguity and immensity of abstraction which is delightful at times.

Our quest to engage in seemingly meaningful things is never-ending. Once in a while, why not look at things/people beyond their obvious images; without any preconceived notion? We may perceive them differently. Why always run after certainties and continue to live timidly in a cookie-cutter existence; knowing well that life does not offer any guarantees…


2 thoughts on “Beyond the Obvious

  1. wonderful painting deepali ji ,hope you are fine from so many months you are not active on speaking tree ,if you recieve this comment kindly reply me on my email . take care and god bless you, please reply

  2. Thank you very much Bhupin. I am so glad you like it. I have replied to you on Speaking Tree. There are many technical issues on ST site and I was not able to post comments etc. Hope the issue is resolved soon.

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