Loved your new painting “My baby girl”. The color scheme is amazingly soothing. Both look adorable”.



I am mesmerized by the intense and varied emotions of your muse. She looks real. Loved all the paintings, esp the “Fortitude & Escape”.

–Dr Naidu


Powerful imagery, Stunning Colors, Deep emotions > Paintings that talk to you! Simply wonderful.

–Sanjiv Sood


Your paintings are super! Not knowledgeable about painting, but the bright colors and deep shades that you use are beautiful… particularly,I liked ‘Quest for the Unchartered’

–Sreenivas Parthasarathy Nanduri


Heartwarming and powerful expression through color on canvas. Different style, appreciate it. All the best

–Dr Srinivas


Wonderful website launched by you Deepali. Feel so happy for you and your artwork is totally amazing and wonderful, big fan of your artwork.My favourite one is spirited soul painting. thanks

–Bhupin Kumar


Hullo Deepali , good to see you launch this website for all art lovers..Loved each one of them for its own uniqueness.. my fav though is ‘Harmony Within’ and ‘Buddha and Peace’

–Raj Sri


Deepali, What an ode to lovely women in our lives. They are real emotions. Loved the depth in all the paintings. My healing space painting is very deep. God bless you.

–Dr Ajay Srini


I see many themes and stories in each of your paintings. Keep the colors and expression as strong as I see in your latest paintings. Images do not do justice to the paintings. Your home-gallery is unique in its own way

–Dr Sudhakar Narayan


Beautiful and mesmerizing paintings of lord Krishna and Buddha. Would love to have one in my home. Thank you

–Dr Patel


I loved the presentation and colors in the paintings. They would add color and joy to any home



Vivid images of a soulful journey, lovely



Great job. Depicting nature at its best, along with its beautiful creation – Woman, in all hues

–Romi Asthana


Loved the color combination and thoughts behind the depictions. The woman comes across as real in all her moods. Loved the Sun

–Swati Gupta


Loved the riot of colors in your paintings. Good luck