About Me

Painting is like literature, a concept, a thought; meant to be perceived beyond its visible form. I believe that art; like life is a journey and never a destination. It is a continuously evolving process. One has to flow and experiment with it to make it a joyous and adventurous experience. Painting is like a prayer, meditation and brings immense joy. Colors and forms are my words and I use oil paints to weave stories on canvas. My inspiration comes from music, intense human emotions and the boundless beauty of nature; with its vibrant spectrum of hues. Through my muse, I love to capture human emotions like harmony, solitude, peace, rumination, hope, fortitude, escapism, ecstasy, illusion, agony, optimism, her/his desire for divine love and freedom of thought. Painting is a very effective medium to channelize your thoughts in an unequivocal direction and address the catechism within. It is a colossal source of positivism and brings immense relief. The most unique aspect of a painting is that it has a different story for every eye that sees it.

As an eager teenager, I learned the nuances of oil painting at “Triveni Kala Sangam, Mandi House, New Delhi”, under the guidance of renowned artist Ms Shobha Broota and Mr Rameshwar Broota. Their unbridled passion and devotion for creativity left an imprint on my young mind, and I picked up my brush after 30 years again. I recently relocated to Hyderabad and my home doubles up as my studio and gallery, with a new story unfolding every now and then in my studio……

I also contribute to Speaking Tree (The Times Group’s spiritual website). You can read my blogs at https://www.speakingtree.in/deepali-9